Chaos!? Not at This Party!


Coming from a big family and or always having lots of people at one single party, I have learned that there needs to be some sort of agenda. The agenda can be pretty general or very detailed.

I have been to parties where there isn’t an agenda or this is the hostess first party and you can tell the difference. Most of the parties I went to growing up had some of the same key features: Guest arrive and eat, when kids are done eating play for a little amongst themselves, gather kids for piñata, sing “happy birthday” and cut cake, and open presents.

This is usually the same agenda that I like to keep at the parties I throw for my children but as the amount of kids grows and the ages get older I have started adding activities and games for the kids entertainment until we get to the piñata. For example at my daughters butterfly themed party I had an art area set up where kids could decorate wooden butterflies.


List of some go to activities to have at parties:

  • Coloring area
  • Play-dough area
  • Decorate cupcake or sugar cookie area
  • Bubble area
  • Necklace/bracelet making area
  • Face painting area

The list can go on and on. It can get even bigger once you have a theme for the party. My niece had a paint splatter theme one year and for an activity all the kiddos got to paint a canvas.


If you are having a party where all the kids are roughly around the same age, games are usually a good option. There are many games that can be played and can be narrowed down depending on the theme or the ages of the party goers.

Here are a few go to games:

  • Dress Up Relay Race
  • Musical Chairs
  • Egg and Spoon Game

This list can go on or you can find more ideas at Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids.

Here is video showing some ideas for some messy games that can be played.

12 Messy Birthday Party Games for Kids


At mostly all of the parties that I have been to in my life, there has always been a piñata. I remember at one party I had not one, not two, but four piñatas! This was the one party I had while visiting family in Mexico and because the amount of people that were at the party we had too have that many. Two were for the kids and two ended up being for the adults.

When I had my son there was this new kind of piñata that you didn’t need to hit. All you do is pull a string and one string lets the candy loose, the catch is that the party goers each pull one string at a time and eventually one pulls the correct string.  As my kids have gotten older this no longer has been wanted. We have had to have two piñatas, one for the younger kids and one for the older kids (this avoids anyone getting hurt).

Activities that come with the Venue

There is always the easy way out of having to plan activities or even an agenda for your party. Most venues that provide party areas also provide an allotted time for your party therefore the party is pretty much taken care of.



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